Football Merchandise & Gameday Trailer

Main Objective:

To set up a merchandise / game trailer at football fields anywhere at night at different locations and provide a base for selling merchandise and also timekeeping for half time and full time with sirens to assist referees

Customer issues:

  • No power onsite
  • Incorrect power options available
  • Generator expense and noise
  • Trip hazards with leads run across the ground and location of power points
  • Extra expense with extension lead covers in public areas

What we did:

  • Installed 600 watts of solar on the roof of trailer (4 x panels to charge batteries)
  • Installed 1100AH of battery storage and 2000 watt inverter (To provide 240V power throughout trailer to utilise appliances and equipment like computers, cash register, fridges and lights anywhere anytime without having to plug into mains power!
  • Installed lighting inside and out, count down timer, sirens and individual switches and dimmers to control what you want and when.
  • 240V power points through interior.
  • 240V to 12V charger as a backup in case there is no sun for a week to keep the batteries charged and trailer operational (This can be utilised when the trailer is at home or not in use to make sure everything is charged and ready for business)


A fully functional trailer with the ability to run any electrical appliance or equipment as you would in your office or home completely off grid and without the use of electrical leads and finding power outlets to plug into, no restrictions on where you can go and set up and no noise and fuel from a generator!

Don’t let conventional power hold you back!